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What Bandcamp Is & Why You Need It

Bandcamp is one of the greatest tools available to 21st century fans, artists, and labels. You can buy and sell; download and upload; watch and listen. Nowadays almost every site offers some combination of those, so why would you use  Bandcamp over everything else? Follow me through The Bandcamper series and discover what makes Bandcamp so invaluable. You will learn how to master the platform and turn it into a money making powerhouse.

Bandcamp for FansSpotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, iTunes: the list of streaming and download sites could go on forever, but nothing about those platforms is personal. Every artists’ page looks nearly identical and sterile. There is no connection from artist to fan. On Bandcamp, the artist designs the page and writes the content; you’re seeing exactly what they want you to see. You get to read their own words about the songs and albums, making it a very personal experience. Already, it sounds like a big step up from the average music platform.

Then you look at the features and it just gets better…

  • Unlimited mobile streaming online and offline for any purchases
  • Re-download purchases to your hearts content (in any quality or format you could ever dream of)
  • A wishlist to hold your desires until payday
  • Follow artists and get notified of all their new releases
  • Your own fan page to share your impeccable music collection with the world (complete with your own reviews if you’re into that)
  • Payments processed through PayPal to keep you worry free

Everyone should have a Bandcamp fan account. Of course, you don’t need an account to stream and download music, but Bandcamp will have your collection populated and waiting for you when you sign up with the email address that you used for purchases. The list is all pros for fans, so there is nothing stopping you now; check out the website, create an account, and start listening to music!

Go sign up!

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